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Found 11 results

  1. I am excited to learn and make new friends.
  2. Hello, I am a new member with very little experience. My goal is to acquire my drone license and someday have a drone company of my own. This seems like a good community and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can. Any first suggestions on a quality starter drone? Thank you in advance! Mike
  3. I'm a pre-newbie to UAVs. Although a certificated aviator (commercial land, sea, glider, CFI), I know next to nothing about flying UAVs beyond reading the literature and an infomercial class at a Seattle UAV rental shop. So I'm hoping to gain a lot in this forum and later share what I can. I'm a retired techbiz entrepreneur who at 77 is fortunate to still be active (run five miles/day, bike over 3,000 miles/year) but realize that my days in the left seat of a cockpit are numbered and look forward to extending the never-ending wonder of flight in a virtual cockpit. At the UAV shop class I did succumb to sales pitch and bought a DJI Spark (still in the box) and joined a new Seattle drone Meetup group, first meeting scheduled for May 17 at an RC field.
  4. Hi everyone, I am preparing to apply for an airspace authorization that covers a wide area and encompasses 2 airports, SeaTac (B) and Boeing Field (D). This is for a contract that lasts until the end of this year (and hopefully will be renewed.) The facilities where our services may be needed are spread all over the place. Most fall into D airspace (Boeing Field), while the other, largest facility is the SeaTac airport itself (B). Since we're talking about a very wide area covering two airports, I am wondering if I can even apply for a single authorization? The client is the same. I've attached a map. Pink arrows point to airports, while those two areas highlighted in red show the locations of the facilities. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi, I need help with something. I am getting conflicting information about whether or not I am able to fly a drone in a certain area (I am Part 107 certified.) When I look at the sectional charts and FAA UAS Data map it appears that I cannot fly here, which has been my understanding all along. But when I look at the AirMap (with Part 107 selected) and Kittyhawk, it says I’m good to go. I am attaching screenshots from all of them. The area in question is circled in all 3 screenshots. Thanks!
  6. My name is Tony Loup, I work with Astec Re-Ply Roofing Systems. We are a national / international provider of roofing materials. We have a network of contractors that also use drones in surveying, etc. If I can help anyone please feel free to reach out. I am a registered roof observer with RCI, and have multiple certificates in the construction industry. Most of the territory I handle is the west coast and international but also includes UT, AZ and TX. You can visit : or Call us at 800-223-8494 if you would like additional information.
  7. Hello, Just introducing myself. I am a retired software engineer from the Tacoma/Seattle area interested in drones in general and possibly some hobby programming. I like photography and also am interested in this field as it applies to agriculture as well as photo's for general construction contractor work. Haven't bought one yet. Will be researching to see where I want to start. Cheers, Kat
  8. Just invested in my Mavic Pro, seeking partners / mentors to walk me through challenges as they arise. Yes, although I am watching all the videos and pushing all the buttons, I'm not yet in the air. Having tagged myself as a "Curious Business Opportunist," a UAS program in Central Washington State (Big Bend Community College, Moses Lake) revealed itself to me when I left my profession in STEM / hands-on science education programs over a five state Pacific NW territory in January 2017. Not surprised, I was the: oldest, only female, ready to roll. Without a doubt, I could do this independently. My preference is to partner with others around the country and around the world to embark on special projects. As much as I appreciate stunning cinematography, I sense surveying for data as a better way to partner. That said, I hope to hear from anyone who might become a part of a hub, available for a call or mutual coaching along the way. Why work independently when the outcome of multiple minds can produce amazing results?!! I do plan on attending InterDrone. Looking forward, Kate P.S. I own a home in Syracuse, NY so am here right now. I spend a greater part of my year in Washington State (Seattle & Central WA) and intend to expand my interests globally.
  9. Hello, My name is Steve and I live in Kent, WA. It doesn't seem like there are many from the NW on here. Just started flying a practice drone until I'm skilled enough to step up. Finished the ground school and passed the AKT. Thanks to Alan and UAV Coach!!! Headed to inter drone next week if anyone wants to meet and network.
  10. Hey All - Newbie here. Would love to network with some knowledgeable drone pilots in the Seattle area.
  11. High guys, I'm a Carpenter out of Olympia, Washington State. I pretty much just saw a guy on YouTube making his own drones.. And my buddy and I thought that looked pretty cool.. So a week later we went in together and bought a 3d printer that came in a about a hundred pieces. So we got the thing built all this in about 2 weeks from watching the YouTube videos.. So I guess you can say we kinda jumped into this head first. My overall dream/goal, is I loved the drone racing videos I've seen, and I think without a doubt I wanna get into fpv flying. I want a very fast drone with the longest range possible. And seeing how I spent all my money at the moment on a printer.. I wanna start out cheap.. So I figured I'd buy a good 8 channel transmitter.. Since perhaps that's less upgradable.. And then a small racing drone at first that perhaps I can upgrade later. Again, I'm totally new at this, but I feel confident even with not ever doing any of this before.. I have a pretty good ability to pick stuff up fast. I guess I mostly just wanted to introduce myself to the community, and also ask your guys opinions on where to start, what transmitter and what drone would probably be best for me. (note: I have a printer, so I'd like to build as many of my own parts and stuff as possible) and also if there are any clubs on this forum in Washington State, I'd love to join and even go to some meets. Thanks guys for reading, and welcoming me to this new exciting hobby! Look forward to hearing from ya!