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  1. Hello, brand new to the industry. Just passed my 107 and was preparing to purchase a p4p and start my own business utilizing the abilities of the p4p, and drone deploy, on the cheap just like everybody else. I don't have a day job and my experience in construction and facilities maintenance has been hands on labor type. Lost a fair amount of use in my right arm for good so no more hammers or drills or heavy lifting etc. So since passing my test I've been reading non-stop and can't seem to find anyone who knows their stuff that thinks it's a good idea. Surely someone is paying the bills with a p4p out there, right? I'm learning about the limitations of the products, I won't produce survey grade anything, won't be legal, will be for informational purpose only. Agricultural applications seem possible depending on all the usual factors that pertain to demand, ROI, competition, quality of deliverable' s. I've worked on farms and know some farmers and plan to contact an agronomist or 2 and learn what data they require. I'm moderately familiar with what's growing when. So the smart people on this and my other forum say do one thing well, but without using all the device can do, photography, mapping, crop health, I feel as though I would be restricting my ability to generate income. Can't a person be good at all those things? Also, if I was going to do only one thing and become the expert, the p4p probably isn't the rig, right? So I'm reading all the horror stories of failed attempts and heeding the warnings of, well, every single one of you, but I still want to become a provider and be self employed. So if you're out there and have any stories of success I'd love to hear them. Also I would love to hear more horror stories about failure and misery and why under no circumstances should I do this. As depressing as they are, they're extremely helpful in my decision making process. Thank you all very much, this site is great.