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Found 4 results

  1. I recently purchased a DJI Mavic Pro and want to use my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with the DJI GL200A controller. Unfortunately I can't get the table to "connect". I have tried several cables so it doesn't appear to be a cable problem. I tried a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and it works, once I changed the "debug" setting under developer settings. There doesn't seem to be a way for me to access a similar settiong on the Tab A. Any thoughts or suggestions on what could be causing the Tab A not to connect? Thanks.
  2. Hi All, There have been a few posts here about tablets overheating when used with a DJI controller. I live in the Phoenix area and this has been a big problem for me. In temperatures above 85 degrees or so, my iPad would heat up after about 20 minutes and the video feed would get horrible - almost unworkable. I didn't know that the problem was my iPad overheating until my first one died. The battery expanded and popped the screen from the back. The folks at the Apple store told me it was from heat. They replaced my iPad (for $99) and a couple of days later I had another shoot. After 20 minutes I started having the problem with the video feed, then after about 40 minutes, the iPad showed an excessive heat warning and shut down. That's when I figured out that the video feed problem was from the heat. I switched out my iPad for my iPhone and kept filming, but my iPhone started to overheat too. I had already made all the recommended changes to settings to avoid overheating, so I needed another solution. What I came up with works great. I had a shoot a couple of days ago when it hit 120 degrees here in Phoenix (it was about 112 degrees at the time of my shoot), and the iPad stayed perfectly cool - no video feed problems whatsoever. There's a quick video that shows how it works. Below that are links for all the individual pieces that went into making it. I cut the aluminum sheet using a grinder and some metal shears, and then smoothed the edges with a Dremel. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. I just wanted to share this with everyone here. I'll try to answer any questions. Hope this helpful to someone. Video Link - Pieces Hood - Aluminum Plate - Velcro - Ice Packs - Chris
  3. Hi All, I have a Phantom 3 and have adapted the tablet/cell phone holder with an after market extension for my 10.1 Samsung Tablet. To make things worse, beside the weight, the USB connector cable for the controller comes in the bottom of the tablet allowing the whole thing to rock with no other options. If the day is even partial bright, I have large issues trying to see what I am doing. With the size of my fingers and aged eyesight, using a cell phone seems out of the question even if bright enough. Does anyone have any ideas for a low priced, bright, sharp clear screen to specifically be used for flying my drone? I may be asking for my cake-n-eat-it-too.
  4. I'm going to be purchasing a 3DR Solo in the near future and an Android tablet for the controller. Has anyone had any experience using the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 or the Nexus 7? Thanks, -Dave