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Found 23 results

  1. I'm new to the forum. I've been producing video for several decades, flying my drone for about three years. I primarily use my drone to capture aerial videography for use in my videos, but sometimes I'll fly my Phantom 4 Pro Plus just for fun.
  2. Greetings, everyone! I am trying to start a new career at 65. The Drone industry really excites me. I will be taking my FAA 107 certification soon, and feel very confident, thanks to the UAV Coach training program. Who else is in the same position? Cheers!
  3. Hello to all! I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can about the drone industry, and hoping to become a part of that industry someday using drones creatively in a unique business model. To say I'm starting on the ground would be an understatement, but I'm motivated and determined to learn as much as I can. Thanks for being here!
  4. Hi Y’all. Sean from Rockwall, TX joining up. My lovely wife made the grave mistake of getting my first drone for my Christmas birthday, and now I’m going to have to attend meetings for my new addiction. I’m 55% completed with Drone Pilot Ground School, and really enjoying and impressed with the course. This stuff is so much fun and the technology is crazy amazing. Love flying and learning. I’m not sure I’ll make it till December before I invest in the Phantom 4...
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Eric and I'm new to the forum and UAS. I am a 20 year Navy veteran with about 3000 hours as a helicopter crewman/rescue swimmer. I also have 12 years of instructor duty including rescue swimmer, MH-60S, and Aviation Physiology/Water Survival. I retired 7 years ago and must say...I miss the Navy. That's one of the reasons I'm looking at starting a drone business. I was going to start a survival training business. After the last hurricane that ripped through Houston I realized a majority of civilians don't spend money the same way the military does...and the market is already saturated with survival websites. I need to do something that impacts my community. I'm studying for the test. Don't have a vehicle yet.Still got my feelers out in regards to what's needed in my area. I would love to be able to work with EMS, law enforcement or State Parks/ wildlife management. Only time will tell. Looking forward to the experience invested here. R/Eric W
  6. Hello fellow aviators!!! My name is Al Barboza (a.k.a. Big Al). I just passed my FAA sUAS exam a few days ago. I have held a Private Pilot License since 1993 & Aircraft Dispatcher License since 1996. I wasn't current so I had to take the Practical Test and scored a 93% on it. My pursuit of this license started a few months ago after my boss remembered that I held a Private Pilot certificate and wanted to know if I would be interested in flying a drone for the company (I work in the security department of a large oil refinery). I of coarse was excited about the possibilities. This has opened up a whole new world to me. If anyone has any suggestions for me as a "newbie" to drone flying, please let me know.
  7. I'm a photographer with 20 years of experience and recently started flying drones to expand my business. I've passed my Part 107 and have received my temporary certificate. I purchased a Mavic Pro to use as my first UAV platform.
  8. This is my very first time on this platform and I would like to thank the brain behind this amazing initiative. Thank you, Alan! So I have been having sleepless nights on what I could do as a side gig while I am able to still keep my full time job and the thoughts of becoming a UAV pilot just flashed across my mind. I am very interested in starting this but I need folks' lead in finding an outstanding hands-on training online. Thanks for the anticipated suggestions and I am very happy to be a part of this community! With gratitude, Lucky
  9. Hello – I have been flying for about 6 months now. After many years shooting commercial photography, I became interested in videography and now in this airborne camera. I quickly began to see the potential of drones across many different industries. I passed my 107 exam 2 weeks ago and plan to start shooting real estate and whatever else will lend itself to some awesome aerial imagery in order to make this a full-time gig. I live just north of the recently hard-hit Houston area and was wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on how to connect with some of the insurance adjusters that are flooding into town and if there is anything special they are looking for in drone pilots.
  10. So new here, it hurts! I am from the great state of Texas! Have read up on drones and the opportunities in this new field and for the coming years! Looking to eventually use it for real estate and aerial photography as well as creating new needs for drones!
  11. Hi everyone! I am a total newbie but I just passed my part 107 test with my certification (hopefully) in the mail. I am looking to fly anywhere I am needed. I am just getting started so I am open to what I will specialize in as long as I get to fly! It is just so much fun to make money and meet people at the same time. I know that I have a lot to learn and I look forward to hearing back from skilled people in the community.
  12. Howdy, I'm just now looking into drones as a way to do inspections on wind turbines and use lidar capabilities in the oil and gas piping industry. Currently we use a Faro 3D scanner to get a point cloud in Scene and use the point cloud in cadworx to make models that are accurate to the environment. I was wondering has anyone used the lidar capabilities on drones to make point clouds for modeling? Are the tolerances good? Also has anyone here used drones to do wind turbine inspections? What would you charge per turbine? I'm looking into all of this as a possible avenue for the company I work for to get into currently our niche is oil and gas piping. We have done some structural inspections and incident reports as well I think a drone would be good for us to do information gathering and help us when we do project proposals. Your thoughts on this? Cheers, Jonathan Harder
  13. Hi UAV Coach Community, Launch UAS is recruiting UAS pilots around the USA. Maybe now is the time to take your hobby to the next level! Join the premier network for UAS pilots. Learn more and apply at: Thanks The Launch UAS Team
  14. Hello… I am new to the community… Just like to say hello and to ask if anyone in the community knows of an insurance company that does both drone and general professional liability. I have a small mapping company that I just started and after just being certified as a Woman and Minority/DBE owned business I will be ready to pursue contracts a little harder… So, I will definitely be looking for teaming opportunities in the Texas area.. any information would be grateful.. Belinda B. Dow Dow GeoSpatial LLC
  15. Hi all, Daniel Lench here from Gessner Engineering. Having flown RC helicopters and FPV drones in my personally life, and bringing the idea of using drones to add to our company's offerings, I've been the ground crew, trainer and data processor since we started our fleet in May 2015. We now have 2 eBee and 1 DJI Phantom 4 and while all of our survey crew has been certified to fly commercially for a while, I was simply unable to attend the training at the time. We are so busy now that I must be able to be the PIC on independent missions so here I am. The site was a recommendation of Sally French aka Drone Girl and I'm happy to see an active community behind it. At Gessner Engineering I am the CAD and BIM manager along with handling the processing of our collected drone data. I manage all of our AutoCAD templates, standards and training and specialize in extreme site grading using AutoCAD Civil3D. For BIM, using Navisworks, I am able to bring models from different disciplines to detect clashes in design and offer suggestions to remedy them. You can find me at the Gessner Engineering Main office in College Station. We have satellite offices in San Antonio, Fort Worth with two material testing labs located in College Station and Brenham. Our services include Civil Engineering (that's where I'll be ;), Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying and Construction Materials Testing in our AASHTO Certified labs. Best to all and hit me up if you're in the area or have a project we can work together on a project. Dan
  16. Just got DJI Phantom 4. Have about 6 hours flying it. I also have a private pilot license with about 3500 hours. Interested in part-time to-start opportunities utilizing my UAV. Been a State Police Officer for about 10 years in the Great State of Texas. Would love to hear from folks with useful tips. Thanks and have a great day.
  17. Here is the first "demo" video we did right after we got our DJI Inspire 1. We shot and edited this in a day. Fly-by-wire firmware wasn't even available on the Inspire when we got one of the first ones so, all this was flown manually. We just wanted to show a little of what the drone could do since it was so new then (2015) to everyone in this area especially. We are working on a new demo video now and I will post it when complete.
  18. Greetings- I have a dual-controller Inspire 1, Section 333. I am not a licensed pilot, but building my bench of PIC's to work with on commercial video assignments. I have 25 years experience as a TV / Video producer / lensman / editor; for Network Television, Tourism and Corporate Videos. I have a great deal of aerial video experience, shooting from helicopters with the door off. Now, looking to put my Inspire 1 to work (legally- I have a lot of practice and a great demo). Website: Based in Houston, travel-experienced and ready! Looking forward to participating on this site! JimZ
  19. Hi everyone. You might expect me to say howdy, but I’m not a native Texan. Lived most of my 46 years in the midwest and northeast US. My name is Brett and I’m a life-long airplane and flying geek. Turned my passionate hobbies with R/C airplanes and model rockets into two aerospace engineering degrees and an exciting career in the aerospace, defense, and aviation industries. After I barely survived a nasty hang gliding accident, but that’s a story for another time… In recent years I’ve become a dedicated student and advocate of innovation from all directions—technology, business, and complex systems. I’ve launched and delivered projects with 3-D printing, advanced electronics, crowdfunding, websites, books, online business & products, among other fun things. Now I focus on doing projects of all kinds as a certified project manager (PMP), especially those that focus on aerospace, aviation, and online media. I realized that if I don’t enter the arena of commercial drones, I will be kicking myself in 20 years. Not that you care about or need my opinion, but I’m betting my career on the fact that we are at the comparable beginning of the dot-com era for commercial UAVs. And if you need some discussion or help with the strategic dot-com side of your UAV business, I would love to provide some tips and help. ;-) You should expect to see some posts from me about business plan development, market research, finding customers, online tools, best business innovation practices and methods applied to the UAV space… What's your big questions or challenges on those topics? Let's talk--I’m looking to make the best and biggest impact I can in this exciting sector of the aviation world. UAVs are going to be the largest driver of growth in the aviation industry for the next 20+ years, I’m convinced. Some silly people are saying it’s too crowded and too late to get started, but they are way off the mark. We are now in the Wild West of commercial drones, which only proves that there’s still a lot of gold in them thar hills—and it’s time for us to giddee up!!
  20. Hello and welcome all! Retired Army helicopter pilot - starting my own real estate photography business in the greater San Antonio area - it is in the works, have my exemption submitted - it'll be called Double Eagle Aerial. I fly a Phantom 3 Pro. Really enjoying it!
  21. Hello! My name is Rey S Madolora and I'm a CFO that moonlights as a Fine Arts Photographer. I crossed paths with Colin Guinn in early 2013 and was lucky to get to work at DJI North America as their interim CFO/COO. Shortly after that I was recruited by 3D Robotics where I got to be on the product development team that designed Solo. It's been a wild ride! Thanks for letting me be a part of the UAV Coach community! You can checkout some of my aerial photography here: Cheers, Rey
  22. Anyone interested in a week end quad copter build party in Arlington/Dallas, Texas area? We can organize it to go from Friday evening to Sunday evening. We can decide on which part list to use as soon as we get some interest. I am interested in building a quad copter I can seek fund on indiegogo to build it. We can work in teams and or as individuals during the build party. One other thought is to do a global weekend build party where we would coordinate the build party via video conferencing.