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Found 11 results

  1. Greetings from the Shenandoah Valley of Northwestern Virginia. About a year ago I saw an ad for an "in person" course in drone certification at a community college. It was a week long course but I was not able to get the time off from work approved. I never took the course, but the interest remained. My girlfriend gave me a drone for Christmas this past year and I want to learn how to fly it the right way, so I can safely pursue a fun hobby and maybe do it professionally as well, since it seems to be a growing industry. I've been fascinated by aviation in general as long as I can
  2. Howdy all, JJ from Central VA, USA. Cramming now for my AKT on 14-Feb. 😱 the weather/micrometeorology has been my biggest downfall during practice tests. Anyway, still learning tons of how the sum of all the parts fit together, and the best Apps to use for certain missions. I am an artist (acrylics painter), photographer and graphic designer. I want to fly both recreationally and commercially and grab spectacular shots in certain state parks that allow commercial permits to be obtained. Maybe do real estate as well, but mostly in it for the stunning footage and photography pieces to
  3. Can anyone explain the large yellow polygon around the area near where I live. It was not there yesterday and it's labeled "Custom" "York County" but yet this polygon encompasses 5 or 6 counties. Although I heard some fighter jets flying around the area today, I did't see any NOTAMS posted so I don't know how this advisory might affect flying. Frank
  4. At what altitude are the winds being measured when viewing a vector map on I saw 125+ knot winds yesterday in my region, and this morning it's showing 75 knots. That's hurricane force winds, yet the surface winds are about 6-12 MPH over the past two days. Just curious... Frank
  5. Not sure if this is the right forum to post but passed my 107 today after studying through drone pilot ground school's program. The test IMO was pretty easy although some questions had multiple correct answers. The Drone Pilot Ground School was a tremendous help and their mock tests was close to a mirror image to the 107. Many thanks to a great program!
  6. Hi, I am Mike, I LOVE flying my drones and am ultimately interested in starting my own aerial video/photography business someday. Also, as it becomes allowed using drones for Police, Rescue, etc... Thanks!
  7. I am a relative newby that is having a great time flying my P4P and P4P+. The future definately looks bright having just received my temporary Remote Pilot Certificate today!
  8. I'm being a little bit facetious here, but I see a need for a company that finds and rescues lost drones. I've read a lot of stories about hobbyists, particularly, who write about their drone adventures, and often end with, "...and then it flew away." Never to be found again. Some of these are very expensive drones with pilots who like to push the limits beyond the radio range of their controllers. My neighbor just recently got a drone as a gift from his wife. His wife told me that on his first flight he was pushing the limits and went beyond them. "...and then it flew away."
  9. Hello, I was looking to try using a drone to lift a fish line over a tree that is about 100 ft tall in order to put up a HAM Radio antenna. The fish line doesn't have to be strong, maybe 10 pound line. I used to use a Bow & Arrow, but we almost hit a neighborhood dog, so am looking for an alternative. Don't want to spend big bucks. I thought that the drone might allow more precision placement of the line. (BTW, the fish line is used to drag up a heavier line.) Any ideas? David
  10. Hello everyone. I am a retired Army Test Pilot with experience in Aviation and wanting to break into the commercial sUAS market. I currently hold a commercial rotorcraft instrument and Airplane Single Engine Land ratings. Looking forward to learning more about sUAS.
  11. Just thought I would introduce myself! My name is April and I'm from the beautiful mountains of Virginia. I'm currently working for a smaller video/media production company out of Roanoke...but I have a background in a little bit of everything! I'm about 6 hours away from having my private pilots license (that's on the back burner at the moment...funny how life gets in the way of all the fun things!!) and I'm delving into the world of UAV's and aerial cinematography. More of a trial by fire approach at this point but very eager to soak up as much knowledge as I can here. Looking to possibly pu