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Found 8 results

  1. New reel for aerial imaging business "Woodland Sky". Shot with Yuneec Typhoon 4k and H (CGO3, CGO3+)
  2. If you can't laugh when things go terribly wrong, you may have a bad attitude. Best is to change the attitude. Anyway, I wish I woulda. Famous last words. I wish I would have practiced with the simulator before I crashed the drone from the treetop. A word to the wise. This video is an attempt at humor and a successful attempt at a comeback. Stan
  3. sunbladerr

    Drone deploy

    Does anyone know how the new typhoon H will work with drone deploy? Lewis, Is it a hard wire cable or blu tooth?
  4. Hello everyone! I am a 28 year old from Raleigh, NC and I own a small film business(mostly music, promotional, skateboarding, and corporate videos so far). I am planning on buying a drone in less than 2 weeks. My budget allows me two choices: the DJI Phantom 2 w/ Zennmuse H4-3D gimbal or the Yuneec Typhoon G, as I own a Go Pro Hero 4 Black. After weeks of grueling research, I believe I've decided on the Yuneec Typhoon G, solely because you can video stream live and see what your recording in flight, unlike the Phantom 2. I'm extremely excited to begin learning how to use and properly film with the drone, but does anybody have any input on the Typhoon G vs the Phantom 2 w/ H4-3D gimbal? Any advice would help. Thanks!! -David Timmons
  5. I bought the Q500+ and charging takes a good 2 hours. I think I read 4K comes with faster charger. How fast does 4k batteries charge? Also hearing there are 3rd party options? 3rd party options that charge much faster and can put batteries in storage mode, 50% charged? Any info on battery charging options and where to buy them would be appreciated.
  6. Has anyone found the weight of the Typhoon H with battery? The new FAA regs are talking about not needing a pilots license for sUAS under 2 kilos. Where do we find more info on the Regs?
  7. Hi guys, I just finished the 3D mapping course. Lewis and Trevor did a great job of introducing the mapping world and the accompanying software. I am really interested in an upward looking sUAS that would allow me model bridges. The Exom from Parrot does but is only part of a full system with an attached price tag of over $40k. Is there an affordable option that an aftermarket camera that could capture zenith images complete with geotags? I like the look of the new Typhoon H and with 6 rotors, It has an excellent surface to attach a unit if such a thing exists. Any ideas? Richie
  8. Hello! I'm currently in new home development / real estate, and have been enjoying my quads for almost 3 years now (all shapes and sizes). After putting my 'higher-end' birds to good use getting Views of neighborhood developments, model homes, etc., I've decided to branch out into a side business (pending FAA approval...). I've started a website to 'highlight' some of my better portfolio pieces, and would love any feedback, comments, criticism/praise, and all that good stuff :-) You can see this work in progress here: http:/www.JacksonsView.Com I've also started a Vimeo Channel of historical sites in North Carolina here:, and you can find some of my real estate videos here: Pls. forgive the 'shameless self-promotion', but I did see something in the invite to this forum about sharing your videos, etc., so be careful what you ask for, right? ;-)