Class G Airspace for Hobbyists


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Hi @Johng, here are the rules for recreational operators:

You'll notice that the FAA says "Be aware of airspace requirements."

Why they don't link to this page, I'm not sure:

Last paragraph:

Recreational operators are required to give notice for flights within five miles of an airport to BOTH the airport operator and air traffic control tower, if the airport has a tower. However, recreational operations are not permitted in Class B airspace around most major airports without specific air traffic permission and coordination.

One interesting note is that the FAA's app, B4UFLY, isn't updated at the time of this posting to reflect this FAQ change on the FAA's website. If you're operating recreationally, the FAA is saying that you're only required to get in touch with both the airport operator & air traffic control tower if you're operating within 5 miles of a towered airport. On a Sectional Chart (check out airport icon that's magenta represents a non-towered airport.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I actually understand the 5 mile rule as a hobbyist that deals with SFO semi regularly but you've added more info than I was aware of. Much appreciation! What I'm wondering is why the FAA contradicts its guidelines regarding class g airspace. I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, that class g airspace is 700ft agl at least. Why are drones limited to just 400ft of that even though the FAA clearly says that drone ops are unrestricted in class g?

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In Part 107 the FAA doesn't say "that drone ops are unrestricted in Class G." They're can fly in Class G airspace without having to get in touch with ATC.

They're also saying...make sure that regardless of what airspace you're operating in, unless you have a specific waiver that states otherwise, keep your operations to less than 400 feet (unless you're surveying a structure, in which case you can operate up to 400 feet above the structure (and 400 feet around the structure).

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