Class G Airspace for Hobbyists?


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Is class G airspace unrestricted for hobbyists? I know it is restricted under Part 107 for commercial (400ft) drone use even though they clearly state that Class G airspace is unrestricted. "Class G airspace is considered uncontrolled and ATC does not have authority or responsibility for separation of traffic."5.e.  

It's expected that you don't do anything dangerous like get in the way of a plane. Is the 400ft rule more of a guideline for hobbyists? It seems like the hobby drone flyers get all the breaks i.e. night flight.

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You know how I look at it i think of it as someone in law enforcement, or other government positions.

UAV Pilots are placed at a higher standard and also placed at a higher accountability. 

I believe for now yes hobbyist have more leeway then a UAV Pilot for now. That I think will change but not right now. It is like any laws that have been passed, the few that really do not use common sense place property and people at risk.

The AMA has been fighting allot of legislation around hobbyist due the rules and structure the AMA already enforce on safe and responsible flying. 

Like when I started just to have a safe and legal place I can fly. I joined the AMA then signed up to a RC club. To join the club required proficiency flights before you can use their field alone. You also had to have the AMA membership "which has liability insurance" before you signed into the club. In a way they have their own rules and requirements.

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