Alan Perlman

45,000 Farmers Get Drones in the U.S.

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Interesting thanks Alan and great to hear but also rather depressing! As a Brit in agri and passionate about integrating drones into our agri environment I am not optimistic for over here. 

Many reasons, but principally lack of understanding, lack of a will to evolve (in many quarters), existing massive investment in highly sophisticated ground based units for the arable sector, patchy precision adoption in non-dairy livestock operations (I am among the few pedigree sheep breeders who does use sophisticated management kit) predicted further drops in farm gate prices for 2nd year running and regs.

All but the latter can be dealt with over time and aggressive promotion, but the latter could be a major problem for us -we cannot fly within 50m of people and therefore de facto all roads. Unlike the States with huge prairies we have roads and lanes everywhere! I don't know what the swath is on some of the sensors but to ensure separation I would imagine we would have a problem especially for spraying operations. 

Contrary to what I want to do, for now I shall just fly for myself, develop (as cheaply as possible) a means of monitoring my sheep from the air, and will 'enlighten' anyone who notices. 

Anyone out there who knows more and can cheer me up please...

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