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Hello all

looking to getting into drones had a quadcopter at one point but it was a pain  to fly even inside it was a ethos qx75 i want to try again with a quality cheap drone and work my way to atleast a dji phantom 3 alot of folks in my area make money doing videos and pics to support the habit lol im looking at the h8d jjrc or the syma x5c open to other options as well want something with about 10 minutes of flight time per battery with a camera that can support a 32gb mem card and under 150 for the drone itself but with extras 200

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The X5C/X5C-1 is a great drone to start with (IMO) to learn on. I was just mentioning in another post, they are very light drones, so the slightest amount of wind affects their flight performance. I get about 6 or 7 minutes of flight time and thats without the camera attached and using either a 500mah or 680mah. The drone comes with two 500mah 1s lipos. I bought 4 1s 680's as extras.

I'm also interested in an eventual purchase of the DJI, but not until I learn how to fly proficiently. If you're interested in getting into video/picture taking with a somewhat heavier drone that is less affected by moderate winds (e.g. compared to the X5C), the X8 series by Syma might be up your alley, especially considering the lower price point. A majority of reviews seem to favor them!

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Check out this one:


I've bought one just like this about a year ago when I just started with the hobby, and I'm very pleased.

The short flight time may be pain in the ass sometimes, but I just bought a pack of 5 batteries and that basically solves the problem :)

The video is fairly good for this price range, and it is quite shock resistant which is good for a beginner.

Hope that helps.


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