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Can I get some feedback on this short video that I shot with a Phantom 3 at Sunset? I wanted a cinematic look and shot 30fps with shutter at 60. I used a Polor Pro 8 ND/PL Filter. Shot in Log Mode and used Final Cut Pro to adjust the color. I flew in P mode with GPS lock. Can I get some feedback on how I can improve quality of color and flying smoothness? Am I close, or does it suck?


Bert P.




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Hey Bert! I can't speak much to color / lighting, but I would have opted for more shot variety. I was expecting you to start far away, and then to get closer with more shots. Maybe a birds-eye view, or a closer orbit of just the lighthouse. Or some kind of reveal shot with the lighthouse in the foreground and the dramatic landscape in the background. Great video, but got kind of bored watching that first orbit for so long. Your two shots are beautiful though, I was just expecting to see more variety.

Maybe @Christian Tucci has more to add re: color / composition.

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I think composition wise it is pretty good for the most part. One thing I noticed is the panning in the first "shot". it looks like while the drone is circling the lighthouse, you pan a little, then stop, but keep flying sideways, then you pan a little more smoothly but stop the pan, while still flying sideways. This creates a noticeable effect with motion blur.

The color looks nice to me. I might increase the saturation and contrast little bit more but I like it overall, nice work!

It also looks like the footage is a little jittery like its dropping frames. Did you set your timeline in Final Cut to match the settings your footage was shot in? 60 shutter speed with 30fps should produce pretty smooth footage.

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