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Hey Alan (and other participants/members),

I want to thank you for creating and perpetuating this site. I hope to learn a lot from it/you and give back when I can.

I'm a Software Sales guy by day and professional Musician by night who has been flying RC for +20 years. Mostly Slope soaring (competitively at times), Electric Hotliners, and RC Helicopters. I bought my first Quad (a little Hubson) about a year ago. I upgraded to a Syma X8W, then a DJI Phantom 3. I'm shopping for an Inspire and plan to get my Section 333 in the next few months.

I would like to create/build a business employing my three loves; RC, Music, and Film. Any advice, thoughts, etc. will always be appreciated. I hope to network with like-minded folks from around the world. Rock on.


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Hi there Jim.  Very cool combinations of skills and passions, because I can relate!  Airplanes and music have been dual pursuits of mine since childhood days too. Any links or samples of your music available for us online?

I was watching a drone video today with some good music soundtrack.  But the music could have been a lot better...made me think that there could be an opportunity for someone to create a library of music especially suited to drone videos.  Licensing and royalties would have to be part of the business model of course.  Maybe that's a prospect for you?  Or post-flight production services for other pilots who want their videos or still photos turned into captivating videos with a great soundtrack?  

My music has previously been used in a tourism video for a UK destination site, so maybe between you and me we have the beginning of something there... I'll be glad to get acquainted and bounce ideas off you more if that sounds good with you. Thanks for introducing yourself here.

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Hey Brett,

Sounds great. We should definitely compare notes. I bought an Inspire a couple of months ago and am "honing my skills" with that. I just ordered a Yuneec Typhoon H and want to see how that compliments my growing arsenal. I will look for a heavy lifter at some point, but until then I'm "polishing" my skills with racing quads. THAT'S FUN.

But back to the business side, you can check out my band at and "like" us on FaceBook, please. We've been in the studio for a while and will release some new tracks shortly. 

The material isn't conducive to Aerial Video soundtrack, but I've got plenty of material for that. I'm hoping to launch a website shortly with my "portfolio" of drone footage and some sample music.

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