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@Silk Purse the only feature I can see that I would loose if the tablet doesn't have its own GPS is "follow-me" and I believe on the P4 there is another follow-me feature called "active track" which uses the camera to follow a target object and so does not need GPS in the mobile device. Just trying to see if I really need to spend the extra money on a cellular version of the iPad for the GPS.

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I too have the IPAD Mini 2 it works very well. It also have cell service. However there are IPAD Mini 2' Wi-Fi that has GPS. Just verify the specs. Example if you go to BestBuy website and select IPAD mini 2 and under product features select GPS Enabled.

Other sites/online sales do the same thing verify specs says GPS Enabled.

For memory get as much as you can 16+. I attempted low ball on memory on one tablet and ran into I couldn't install all the apps I wanted to. Most UAV apps stores logs and info. 

SD Memory doesn't really help most apps installs on the internal memory.

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