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Hello, New droney here.  I've had a couple of toy drones, the latest being the second one on the list of cheap drones here, the DBPOWER MJX X400W.

Then just a couple of weeks ago I got the Phantom 4.  It is super nice.

I do seriously want to become a professional drone pilot, am working on my 107 test and will have it shortly.

My previous experiences have all been leading me to this, it seems.  I'm currently (mostly)  a software developer (mostly web these days).  I'm a ham radio operator, I've been a semi-serious photographer (haven't done much lately, though) and videographer, with even some editing and processing experience.  Some of it for clients and their websites for various things.  And, I went to flight school in the past, being just a couple of hours short of getting my private license (had some money issues crop up).

I'm also a tech geek, and am fascinated with robotics.  And I'd say a drone is a robot with a specific function.

I'd like to try various areas of drone work at first, see what works for me.  There is a lot of scenery here in CO, I also live in a rural area so want to see what agricultural work I can find, and anything else.

Looking forward to learning more and getting this on the road... er, in the air.



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