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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum here so it may take me awhile to find my way around so please just bear with me. I'm also new at flying and so I just got my q500 4k. I love it to say the least. Here's my problem. I put it on a credit card and I'm afraid to fly it too high, or too far away....lol I'm litterally a nervous wreck when I have it up in the air...lol I'd really hate to crash it and then still have to spend the next year paying for something I no longer have. Even worse, I'd hate for it to malfunction, such as lose GPS signal and fly away. And it has happened as you can look on youtube at the horror stories. Does anyone here know where I can get affordable crash coverage? Possibly even coverage for fly aways? Any info you have would really be appreciated. I just know I could fly alot more comfortably knowing I am covered. Thanks.

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@Rd welcome to the forum. Are you operating in the USA and for the moment is it just a hobby ?. If so you could join the AMA as membership includes insurance but its really for 3rd party injury and property damage. I believe it also covers theft but I don't believe it will cover UAV damage, just the person/s or property that you crash into. Its better to practice with a relative cheap drone as you will likely crash when you first start to fly. Personally I enjoy building my own which also has made it cheap and easy to perform repairs but there are some good starter UAVs out there that can survive crashes although its wise to have plenty of spare props. As I don't own any of these I'll leave it up to others to make recommendations.

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Thanks Spitfire. I actually had a syma 5 and it was ok to fly. Really too light for eventhe slightest breeze. I got pretty good at flying it about 20 feet of the ground. once it was up in the air very high it became easy to get disoriented and tell which way it was pointed. It could also get carried away very easy by a sligjt breeze. Then I read that the better more expensive ones are easier to fly because they're more steady.

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