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I am new to the 3DR Solo world. I already have DJI, Yuneec, DIY, and Volantex. But BestBuy had a deal I couldn't pass up. 3DR Solo with Gimbal, extra battery, and props for $499.00

Well went through the manual for setup, including all the preps updating the GOPRO, and running updates on Solo App, controller, and Solo.

It just went south,. Started with their website stating compatible with GoPro Hero 3+, and GoPro Hero 4.But what the webpage should have said ,was compatible only with a GoPro Hero 3+  Black, and above. I spent two days with 3DR tech support from checking firmware versions..

A Hero 3+ Silver didn't work and from working with support patching, un-patching and resets. Later found on many other 3DR forums that everyone had the issue with Hero 3+ Silver. I gave up broke down and bought the Hero 4 Black. Thinking that will work. Then the tech had me reset the Solo. But that created an additional issue, controller couldn't communicate to the Solo and bind.

Still didn't work. So 3DR was going to swap me out with a replacement. I was waiting for response from 3DR for the packing info when I wanted to verify one more time. Especially when their return policy notes they can have you pay for shipping back if their service finds a replacement wasn't warranted.

Then after the reset it was termed a brick. But after similar patches with DJI I thought that the tech never had me reset the controller to have similar firmware match between the two. So I reset the controller, then I was able to bind. Ok one issue fixed but original issue still no live feed from the GOPRO. After reading the manual again I found it.

One more time I dug the website under view video and saw something I never noticed. Well I was telling the technician that I didn't have any live feed and all that I see was the demo video.

Step one Power up Solo, power controller, power GOPRO , and mobile device connected to sololink. and step two from solo app  select FLY Solo. Poof live feed. Surprised the tech never mentioned during our walk through. Felt silly about it, from other controllers and apps usually fly something means automated takeoff. But for Solo app means go to main screen.

Well I sent an email for 3DR to cancel the replacement and chalk it as a learning lesson. I have knowledge on how to reset Solo, Controller, and update firmware.



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Well I had chance today to fly. Went to the flying field and went through the paces. It handled pretty well winds was 6-8mph.

Battery lasted at low 20's. But I was pounding it pretty much performing complete circuit of the field. Next time I will go through all of the advanced flying features. I will also try out Tower app to perform a survey.

Pictures were pretty decent. Mostly concentrated on flying have to adjust gopro settings to remove fisheye. 

One feature I liked is when I select RTL it allows you to interrupt the processes and maneuver to the spot  you wanted. Then it will continue to land.  Over all another tool to add the tool box.


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You  are teaching the 3DR technicians how to support their product, seems to me that you should give you a free spare battery or something. Back in the day support tech used to be really knowledgeable and they had a saying RTFM. Well obviously you have RTFM to the point that is obvious they are not familiar with their own product. Someone with your patience and experience is almost what it takes to not be at the mercy of this very sophisticated flying conglomeration of software.

I think that DJI's approach is to try and make their hardware more closed to aftermarket add-ons and their software idiot proof. At least that is what the Mavic seems to represent. Then for the pro they have a different strategy. Their market place dominance seems solid for the near term. And then again, you did get better service than if it was a DJI product.

I too saw the 3DR unbelievable low packages, but am concerned since 3DR is rumored to be discontinuing the Solo. One could assume that in the near future even less knowledgeable support staff will be available to "not help" you and then charge for unneeded parts and or service. With all that said I am really interested in how you find this machine compares to all your other birds. You have almost as much in the camera as the quad.

Is it possible at all to use a Yi instead or some other GP knockoff with the solo?

Best of luck and that is a great pic on a fantastic day for flying,


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@Drone Driver Yes I have seen that, at one of my other post 3DR Solo Future I had a few points. Now I am very happy with Solo, not  content with 3DR. However after being in IT over 20yrs and dealing with various vendor support use to it.

Even with DJI I had a support issue and it was on patches. So every vendor has it day.



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