Sailboat Race on Massabesic Lake


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So, I shot a sailboat race for a match club last weekend. I got some okay pics and lots of video, but I was as low as I wanted to get with all the boats. I think the lowest I went was 80ft and highest was 300ft or so. I need to camera with a zoom or to actually get out on a boat in the midst of the traffic so that I can fly lower for close-ups.

Anyway, I am still learning, so there is much needed improvement needed. I feel like this video is too boring and wondering if there is anything that I could do in post to make it more exciting. Obviously, I wish I had closer shots. I am also hoping to get some feedback on my color correcting... to dark, not enough contrast, etc. I shot with a Polar Pro 8 ND/PL filter. 4k 30fps 60shutter.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Bert P.




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