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I have been flying aerial platforms for several years with a Lumenier QAV540G v2 with a three axis brushless gimbal and a GoPro HERO4 Black Edition camera.  When I learned about the new DJI MAVIC PRO I decided to do some intense research about this new drone from DJI. For years I have stayed away from the DJI Phantom for one simple reason, the propellers are constantly getting into the video footage. I have had my Mavic Pro since January 30th and I now have four Mavic Intelligent batteries, the DJI Care Refresh program, a multi-battery charger that charges three Mavic Intelligent batteries my iPhone and the Mavic controller all at a time, I upgraded my cell phone to an iPhone 7plus for the larger screen, extended landing gear, the DJI remote controller monitor hood, extra Mavic Pro propellers and a larger aftermarket hard case so I can leave my Mavic Pro arms extended in the case.



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Glad I purchase the DJI insurance on my Mavic Pro.  I was recently flying it to check my roof for roof damage after a really bad wind storm.  When over my home was great, but when flying over my shop I did not set the height correct and hit to very top of my weather vane.  All I could see was parts flying, then it hit the roof and slide off onto the ground.  I brushed all the dirt off it and had to replace all 4 props and the rest seemed fine.  I started it up again and all seem fine, sent it up again and fly perfectly and landed.  Though I got away with only replacing the props.  When I was putting the gimbal lock on, I noticed my lens cracked on the camera.  Did not see that when flying it.

Contact DJI to see if would be covered on the extended insurance.  They said it would and gave me instructions where to send it for repair.  It took 6 weeks total to get it back, but saved my $381 not having to buy another full camera assembly.

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