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Can I fly here?

I'm wanting to double check whether I can fly in this Alert Area: A-531 (see attached snippet area of Charlotte Sectional and supplement).

As I understand it flying in the area North of the town of Troy the Alert Area  (A-531) is in effect Monday to Friday 0600 to 2400 and during weekends via NOTAM and between 200ft and 1500ft AGL, meaning that I should be able to fly below 200ft AGL during the week, whilst being alert for manned aircraft or during the weekend up to 400ft as long as I check NOTAMs before flying.

I do have my part 107 and North Carolina commercial drone certification.

Can anyone confirm this is correct? And if not, do I have to apply for a CoWA to fly commercially here?


Alert Area Charlotte Sectional.jpg

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This is from the drone course....

"Pilots should exercise caution in alert areas. Alert areas are depicted on aeronautical charts with an “A” followed by a number (e.g., A-211) to inform nonparticipating pilots of areas that may contain a high volume of pilot training or an unusual type of aerial activity. All activity within an alert area shall be conducted in accordance with regulations, without waiver, and pilots of participating aircraft, as well as pilots transiting the area, shall be equally responsible for collision avoidance."

And this from a publication put out by AOPA...

Alert areas are airspace in which an unusual type of aerial activity or dense pilot training takes place. They advise pilots of possible aerial conflicts, but have no special rules. Alert areas are identified on sectional charts by areas marked with the letter “A,” followed by a number. Alert area altitudes differ for each area and can be determined by consulting sectional chart legends."

My personal advice would be to contact your local Flight Service Station to inquire about activity in this area prior to flying and to check NOTAMs. They also might be able to tell you who would be conducting the activity, if any. 



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