Has anyone received their permanent license?

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I checked my status today on the IACRA website and now see my remote certificate under Airman Information so I guess it should be in the mail.

Am I being to impatient or optometric in asking if anyone has received their permeate license yet?

I got mine in the mail last week. Awesome hologram.    Best of luck everyone.  

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Your Existing Applications



Application Start Date Certificate Type Status Status Date Available Actions
1250147 08/30/2016 Remote Pilot - Training Course Received By Registry 09/16/2016  View/Print    
Airman Information
Airman CertificateAirman Certificate Rating
Certificate Number Certificate Type Issued Expires
3427730 PRIVATE PILOT 05/27/2009  
3917279 REMOTE PILOT 09/15/2016  
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On 11/4/2016 at 11:53 AM, Warren Johnson said:

I have a question, how do you know if your application is being processed? I can see the application number, and everytime I check there is a note indicating that there are no certificates available.  i haven't received anything yet.


If you have a status on IACRA it's being processed. What does it say under Status?  The status will tell you everything.

If you do not see something similar to the screen shot below your application has not gotten very far.

For example: if you see just the first line, with the application number and the start date, you may see nothing or remote pilot in the certificate type field and Transferred to Registry or something similar in the status box.

Remember you need to be TSA background checked before they issue the temporary, so this may take a while.

Once you get your temporary Certificate (shown here), it will take weeks to get you permanent in the mail.  BTW, IACRA had my temp up for a week BEFORE I got an email from them. 

You will see the temp Certificate well before anything shows up under Airman information,  when your permanent certificate number is issued you will see a certificate number and type like in the bottom box shown. Even then it could take another couple of weeks till you get the envelope in the mail. However, you can use your Certificate number at that time to apply for waivers. 

I guess, patience is going to be you best friend for a while, I took mine test first week of September. My date of Issue is Sept 6th, I got my card on Oct. 29th.

PS. sorry @Alan Perlman for stealing your screen shot from earlier in the tread. Mine no longer has the temp certificate button.



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I called IACRA.

Once registered with IACRA and your cert appears [with no Cert #] the FAA says that means you've been vetted and now you'll need to wait.

I called IACRA and they passed me on to the FAA.

They also provided the info: there is none. [You can't get an update or progress report]

I got mine [from 090216 IACRA registeration date] 51 days later in the mail and IACRA was updated by updating the Cert #.

You could do commercial work with the temp cert.



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5 minutes ago, Chickenhoss said:

I got my temporary certificate on Oct 4 and still have not received my permanent. Hopefully it will be any time now.

Man it should be soon.  It took a full 2 months before I got mine.  I was starting to get a little bit aggravated for sure.  Let us know when you get it for sure! 

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