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Hello everyone,

My name is Brandon, I'm from Commerce City, CO. I'm new to the quadcopter/drone hobby however, had a brief introduction to RC Helis about 5 years ago. I've recently been flying my newly acquired Syma X5C-1 (without camera attached), and am enjoying every minute of it. These guys are trickier to fly than what one would imagine when you consider the various orientations and other variables, like height, wind, line of site etc.

I've been spending a lot of time learning everything there is to know about quadcopters/drones in general. I still have my Imax b6-ac from when I bought my Heli that I'm using to parrallel charge my 5 1s lipo's in parallel. I searched high and low for probably two days straight last weekend just learning how to parallel charge and making sure I had all the correct wires/connectors/attachments and what have you. I did have to order a 1 to 3 parallel cable off of Amazon.

I'm also looking at getting the X8HC made by Syma as well. I know you get what you pay for, but I appreciate the fact Syma's are seemingly good quads for beginners at a relatively affordable cost. My wife and I visit Moab every year where we spend a day riding UTV's (other days hiking, horseback riding etc). My plan is to learn how to fly and then take a DJI Phantom with us so we can get some great pics and video. Thats the plan anyway. ;)

Before I go, I have a quick question. As mentioned I'm looking at the X8HC which comes with a 7.4V 2000mah 2S lipo battery. However, I'm not sure on the connector I would need that goes from the connector on the batt to the main leads on my charger. The leads have what I believe is called a, 'Deans', connector (pictured below). Below I've linked a picture of the battery, (although this one a 2500mah). I'm not confused about the Deans connector, but am unsure what kind of wire/connector combo I would need that connects to the red connector on the battery as shown with the red circle around it in the photo.

s-l1600.jpgUltra Deans Paired Connectors



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You are welcome, Brandon. Your explanation is very clear. There are adapters for every type of connections and you may be able to find them at your local hobby shop. I see that you are considering to buy a Syma X8HC. I would like to help you and let you know something important: ALL THE SYMA QUADCOPTERS HAVE GEARED BRUSHED MOTORS, which at best will last 25 FLYING HOURS ONLY. So do most beginner multicopters, with the exclusion of the DM007 and the GW007-1, which have brushed direct-drive motors, lasting up to 35 flying hours. One can change the motors when they are worn, UNLESS ONE OR MORE OF THEM STOPS WORKING WHILE IN FLIGTH, which is very dangerous for several reasons (INSTANT CRASH).

I believe you could look, at your stage, at an economical quadcopter running BRUSHLESS MOTORS, e.g. the JJRC X1 (  or which will give you a 15 minutes flying time and will last for hundreds of hours (unless you have an I am not trying to advertise any specific dealer: I just had a look at Ebay and chose a good rating one and I also looked at the other one. I realise as well that the X1 is a little more expensive than the Syma, but they are money well spent. Best of luck!

Cheers from Bruno

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Hey there Bruno, thanks for the welcome! :)

Interesting about the the X8 using the brushed motors. Oddly enough I just noticed (didn't watch yet) a video on youtube where someone is showing how to install brushless motors on the X8. I did already get replacement motors for my X5C-1. Fortunately the repair process doesn't look to involved. Not sure how involved yet it is to repair on the X8 and or upgrade to the brushless motors. I'd rather just upgrade to be honest when the time comes. Thanks for linking the JJRC. Thats a great looking quad and not badly priced at all. I did however pull the trigger this afternoon on the X8.



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