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Hello all!  My name is John Johnson, and I'm a newly certified UA/Drone Pilot living in Huntington Beach, CA....... I also have a business DJing for Weddings/Events, and look forward to adding in being a Pilot for hire as well!   Please connect or message me if you need a Pilot in the Southern California area......or just want to talk Drones!   I love this new Chapter of my life going Upward and Forward.    =)


~John Johnson

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Hi John,

Congrats on getting your UAS rating. I'm a HB resident myself. Newbie to the drone scene. I'm planning to start a drone business in late 2017. I plan on retiring next October.  My main interest would be construction monitoring, inspections, and maybe real estate. I just started the UAVCoach course to get my rating. I have no experience yet flying. I recently bought a Phantom 4. As a HB resident can you give me a couple of places where I can go to practice without worrying about being questioned by police or upsetting some resident. At this point I would be strictly recreational. But need to get outside KSNA 5 mile radius. Being new and just getting started with 107 course I'm still a bit confused as to what I need to do as far as notification etc if all I want to do is go to some large open space to practice flight skills. Hope you will help.


- Tim

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