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I've been working in the field of GIS for 10 years. Stumbled on Pix4DMapper a little while ago. Awesome software, I'm very impressed.

Attached are a few renders of my local AMA site in Sterling MA. They were collected at 200' and 400' AGL using a Phantom 3 Pro.




Field_Pit1 (1).png





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I could be mistaken about what Drone Deploy is using (or other automated services for that matter), but I think they are just running Pix4D or Photoscan (but on a much larger scale). 

If you wanted to get out volumetric data, or fix some issues, you can do that. With DD you get what they give you.

For example, the chimneys on the house look a little iffy (tall skinny objects are harder), you could work on those and get them looking better. Lots of variables you could play with.  

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3 hours ago, SkkyView said:

You say "using a phantom 3 pro" so are these rendered from 4k video then? Are they accurate enough to take measurements from? 

You can do it from video but it's not recommended since it's low resolution (even at 4K). The Phantom 3 flys a mission and takes a series of photos in a grid fashion.


As to Drone Deploy I've been meaning to try that next and make some comparisons.

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