3DR Solo Future

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With all the articles and forums pounding 3DR I still believe the Solo is a good bird.

I have purchased my Solo not long ago during the Best Buy inventory clear out. Still purchasing additional accessories.

I have been flying the Solo and very impressed with its handling and capabilities. 

But lets break this down. If you DIY your own UAV with the same capabilities you would be spending at least $900 or more.

The best part is it already has the Pixhawk 2 and as a DIY there are plenty of MODs already out there.

I have purchased M8N GPS version 2 with the updated shield which takes care of one earlier complaints about GPS locks.  

Another of the complaints is the camera "GOPRO" .The SOLO has many options available. I can change the camera package easily on Solo.

or I can change the lens in the GOPRO. One reason I purchased the Solo is the ability to change payloads. .

The applications available for the Pixhawk controller is pretty large. Tower app just added a new version. Very impressed and ready to test it out. 

With the current clubs/forums out there and other manufactures still providing accessories for the Solo I believe there still is a long future  for it.

Maybe a manufacture will pick it up. This is very common in the computer field.



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Earlier I mentioned the control app Tower.

Tower features:
* Create flights by drawing the paths on your tablet or dropping waypoints. 
* Because we give you over 10 different waypoint types to choose from, you can create flights that suit your specific purpose:
** Fly in smooth curves with spline waypoints.
** Circle waypoints allow you to orbit an object and keep the camera pointed at it.
** Region of Interest (ROI) points allow you to keep the camera centered on a subject regardless of the path you’re flying.
** “Survey” will automatically generate the flight pattern you need to fully cover a region of the map.
* 3PV™ Follow Me keeps the camera centered on you while the copter follows you as you move. You can also adjust the copter’s position while it’s following you.
* Easily make 3D scans of large structures with our automated building mapper.
* The one-button Dronie lets you quickly capture a one-of-a-kind selfie that reveals the scenery around you as the copter flies up and back.
* Adjust parameters within your flight controller to get a custom feel.
* Supports both copters and planes.

Looking forward to test them out.

Best thing it is free

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