DJI Phantom 2 clone – The Cheerson CX-20


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The Cheerson CX-20 is considered a clone of the DJI Phantom 2 and there are substantial reasons for that. I’ll elaborate on those reasons in this article.


Just by looking at the Cheerson CX-20 quadcopter the resemblance becomes quite obvious. The almost identical landing gear, the led indicators are located at the same location. This and much more, immediately makes you think that the Chinese had once again copied a successful model and made it much cheaper. Only this time the Chinese copied from themselves… :)


The Camera and Features

The camera mount comes included in the kit. It is located at the bottom of the drone, and it is compatible to the GoPro 3 and their analogues.

The CX-20 has the same features as the Phantom 2: Due to the built-in GPS, it can hover and hold position, and the "Return to Home" function can be initialized by just pressing 1 button on the remote control.


Remote Control

The power source of the remote control are 4 AA batteries (note that the batteries are not included in the kit). The operational frequency is 2.4 GHz and maximal range of operation is about 300 meters.  The appearance is yet again very similar to the remote control of a second Phantom:

According to the manufacturer specifications, the quadcopter can stay airborne for up to 15 minutes, and the lithium-polymer battery 3S with 2700mAh capacity is fully charged in 2 hours.

Numerous tests performed by experts, quadcopter CX-20 can fly pretty well with a steady wind of 22 km/h, but some problem may occur with holding a position in hovering mode. Another problem of the quadcopter can be a loss of control over it, which can lead to an unfortunate crash or the quadcopter may just fly far, far away.


Diagonal size [mm]


Height [mm]


Weight (w/batt) [g]


Power Source

Li-Po,  2700mAh

Max. Flight time [min]


Max. Flight range [km]


Charging Time [min]


Remote Control


Operating Freq. [Ghz]


Power Source

1.5V AA bat.



The Bottom Line

The Cheerson CX-20 is a contradictory clone, to say the least. On the one hand, it has the same features as the DJI Phantom 2, but it is much cheaper. On the other hand, the low cost is at the expense of the assembly quality and electronics, and manufacturer’s support is not nearly enough.

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Hi, Not really a reply but need some help?

I've had my CX 20 for nearly a year and am trying to get an FPV setup on it now. I've got a "action sport" camera 4K with WiFi, ( GoPro look a like),  and a 7" tablet with WiFi. With the tablet (uses EZ iCam app) and camera on board and all connected up with WiFi working, in flight , once I've taken off. my Tx loses control over the drone. Had one mild crash and broke a rotor and on another flight just about managed to bring the drone back to me and land it. BUT in the latter case the rotors would not stop working until I'd turned off the WiFi on the tablet. Neither the the camera nor tablet are connected to the CX 20 electrically for power. Any ideas guys?

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