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Hello UAV pilots!

I use a Phantom 3 Advanced for my aerial videography and a Samsung 10.1" tablet. I have put off FPV goggles for viewing as I would then need a second observer, but mostly due to the inability to perform certain tasks in flight that may need manipulation on the tablet screen itself, rather than the physical RC controller. The screen never seems bright enough at least to overcome the ambient light outdoors. Indoors ( without the drone :) ) it is quite bright enough, and in well shaded or darkened outdoor areas, it works fairly well.

Regardless of the season or weather, I have serious issues in viewing the screen due to ambient light, or worse direct sunlight during the height of the day. I use a hood for my tablet. I even tried remote with the tablet using a longer USB cable while on a tripod and the hood. I had a typical screen protector initially and then changed it for a non-glare type which didn't help.

This is a very serious issue that needs help if I am to perform.

Has anyone had this problem and was able to overcome. Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

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