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Just got the m100 with the z3.  I connected up to dji assistant and updated firmware.  I get on dji go app and it states the z3 needs firmware updated.  I checked online and found the "latest" firmware update and tried adding it to the sd card, turning the quad on for 25 min, but nothing happened.  The extracted file just sits there.  Any help would be much appreciated...I cant get the gimbal to turn left and right but a few degrees.  I can get it to look up and down no problem.

Please advise a newb.

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I have the same setup, and unfortunately I have no solution to offer.  I contacted DJI support; the first person I talked to said there was no firmware available for the Matrice 100 and Z3, but that their developers were working on it.  The next day I called again, and this person had no idea if developers were even working on this issue, but suggested that I take my Z3 off my Matrice, go find an Inspire and connect it to that, insert the SD card with the Inspire/Z3 firmware, and update the firmware that way (????).  Sorry, but I don't happen to have a spare Inspire lying around for the sole purpose of firmware updates for my Matrice.  This is a serious problem and I'm hoping DJI is addressing it.


Also, I couldn't get the Assistant 2 software to recognize my Matrice 100 (it would just show the USB plugin image).  Did you have to do anything special for that step?

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