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Hey Guys I just found this site and am looking for a decent quad that won't break the bank. I'm located down in South Florida and I've been interested in RC since the late 80's and until recently just kind of got the hang of RC planes. I found a scratch building site and I've built and flown (crashed mostly) about 4 different planes. Rebuilt them several times over. I've still got some flyers but want to get into quads too. Don't laugh but I actually bought a Syma X5 off ebay and messed around with it for a while before I killed it. 2 of the motors don't spin fast enough I think. It won't lift up anymore. Just kind of tips over. The gears look good so not sure what I did. Anyway I want something like a DJI Phantom but cannot justify that price tag. I also want something that can handle a little wind. Any suggestions?

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As all multirotors using brushed motors, your Syma died after a few hours. What you need is an hexa or octocopter, which handle the wind much better than a quadcopter and ARE REDUNDANT. I design and build my own multirotors, using brushless motors and SimonK ESCs. I use them for videography. You can see them in my previous attachments. They are relatively inexpensive to build and work very well. I prefer to pilot them than use the various automatisms. If you decide to go onto this path, I will be happy to help you. I am contactable on Skype (sigrana) and by email (

Cheers from Bruno

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