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I have updated my Solo .

1. mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N (Release 2) http://store.mrobotics.io/category-s/109.htm

2.  Solo GPS Shield V2

First the GPS was made for the Solo it was an easy, remove the original and connect the version 2. There are others out there that would work, however it requires soldering new connectors.  The GPS from mrobotics should have been in the production release of Solo. Also the GPS shield  Ver  2 is icing on the cake.

After I upgraded and powered up I had lock in a few seconds with 7-9 SATS. That was while I was indoors in my office. Cannot wait to see how this works outdoors.

From product review on various forums we are talking about 19-20+ SATs.

Note: When I ordered it said out of stock. However less then two days I had an email with confirmation and tacking number. "I always use PayPal, well protected".


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You have made the Solo a very reliable platform as that was one of the major drawbacks associated with the platform. Indoor sat lock is pretty darn good and it would be interesting to know if that is now typical since this added capability would greatly improve indoor camera uses if reliable. It will be interesting to hear your report of how much the Solo continues to over shoot or drift past a center stick position to a stable hover once you quit giving movement commands. With your initial report I am sure it is rock solid in hover, I am just curious of the transition to stop and hover in place with minimum overshoot while slowing down. I bet RTH is also greatly improved in accuracy too.

Are there other forums which commented on this GPS as a "plug-n-play" for the Solo? The weblink you provided is pretty lean in description of this product.


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OS is obviously leading the way on maximizing the Solo's capabilities. And just as groundbreaking is his ability to ferret out up to date state of the art components. Just as amazing is the story behind mRo - http://mrobotics.io/mayan-robotics/

With this GPS chip in the Solo - it just might be the deal of the year to go out and get one before they are all gone or a lightly used one out of the classifieds.

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