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Hello Everybody. This is my introduction. 

I am new to drones. But not new to small flying toys. Since I built my first small glider I have been thinking of radio controlled flight.

So here I am. Bought a drone last week, and now need all the insight I can get from experience pilots. 

I am experienced in Thermography and wish to combine the experience with a dream. 

Hope we get to know each other. I am living in South Africa, East Coast. Here we have warm weather most of the time, and hot politic all the time.

If you want to talk politics, I am out.

If you want to talk Drones, I am in.


Ian for


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You ar welcome, Ian and I have to say that I FULLY SHARE YOUR POINT OF VIEW!

About flying multirotors: do not try to run before you walk (as usual). Take kit easy, learn to manually take off and land the drone, fly it and control it at about 1 metre from the surface. I do not know what you purchased, but I normally advise new pilots to buy either an hexacopter or an octocopter, BECAUSE OF THEIR REDUNDANCY and better wind resistance. If a quadcopter looses a motor or an ESC, it will be uncontrollable and crash. Not so with the above mentione multirotors, which are controllable even when loosing two motors or ESCs.

I design and build my own drones for videography. You can see the photos of several of them in my previous attachments to messages and some of the progressive testing videos on Youtube:

If you need any other help, please let me know.

Cheers from Bruno

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