Is DIY dead ?

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This top comment sums up my opinion:



No, it has simply normalized.

In the early days your only choice for quads was to go the DIY route. But in reality most people only want to fly a drone and take pictures from the sky, not build one. So now they are served by off the shelf solutions from DJI and friends.

Those wanting to create just for the pleasure of making your own still do. But as with most types of DIY, it is a smaller special interest crowd compared to the 'consumer' section.



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Amen !

I agree with that comment.

However, most RTF like any tool is not the silver bullet, or crescent hammer.

Not any specific drone does it all, each has it's own specialty. Like a tool box you wouldn't buy only flat head screwdriver for it and call it good.

DIY besides being more fun and fulfilling helps with the specialty projects. That one special job that only a DIY can perform. Example the one DIY that was built to get medial supplies to a far remote area.

Also for RTFs look at all the MODs coming out to change the original specifications. Example to allow a DJI to really perform an agriculture task you need to have installed a special mod for FLIR.

So for the basic consumer DIY wouldn't be for them, but we are not basic.


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I just added this to that Diydrones thread......

"I was considering getting a DJI P4 or Mavic but realized I get as much enjoyment building as I do flying so I've resumed my new hex build project that will be equipped with Lidar for precision height control. I would also like to explore precision position control. This should be much more fun than flying a DJI"

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