Hello--Retiring Firefighter From CT

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I'm Greg, and I just got involved with UAVs in the past year, but plan on starting a drone photogrammetry, 3D Mapping/Modeling, and Aerial Photo/Video Business.  This will be a second "career" for me, as I am retiring from my job as a Captain of a Rescue in an urban environment.  As an added bonus, I want to offer my 32 years of expertise back to my community & State in the form of voluntary services with my UAV--which money permitting--I can soon upgrade with a nice FLIR.  

Nice to meet you all,


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Hi Greg

Welcome to the forum.  Alan, the founder of it all is a really knowledgeable individual and is always ready to extend a helping hand.  You won't find folks here bickering, just trying to learn and help others. Originally from NYC here, now in SE  Coastal Georgia.  What city in CT?

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Greetings and welcome. I also am a career firefighter, Lt, in a city department. I am getting ready to retire and am considering sUAS as a second career. Good Luck

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