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I think we can all agree that UAV technology is evolving pretty quickly.  That being said, what feature would you most like to see on the next Phantom, Yuneec, 3DR, or whatever flavor you prefer?  I don't even have one of these yet, but I think I would cast my vote for obstacle avoidance, or whatever they are calling it.  Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, would this be more likely to be incorporated into the next major release of these UAVs, or would it be more likely that it would be made available to all of them retroactively via firmware update?

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Yes on obstacle avoidance for sure! Second (may already be out there, but I haven't stumbled across it yet) is an easy way to pre program a flight route with the software like I use on my ipad to fly. Being able to insert speed and altitude constraints. And thirdly, an inexpensive TCAS system which would really assist with see and avoid rules that exist in all the airspace that we fly into.

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