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Hey Everyone, 

I just wanted to see what people are doing to market/advertise their UAS businesses to new customers under Part 107. I just got my hard copy from the FAA for my Remote Pilot Certification today, I have UAS insurance, a website (, a business Facebook page, and my business cards. I ran out of money for any type of marketing or advertising, but plan on making that a priority in the next few months. I am going to have some t-shirts made with my business info so when I am out at festivals and events people can see it. That is a small thing to do , but I know that won't be enough to draw in very many customers. Do people use Google Ad Words, Facebook Boost Post, or any other methods to get their business name out there? I reached out to a local photographer and and local realtor that I know to see if they needed or knew of anyone needed UAS services. They didn't, but would keep me in mind if they found something.  For me the marketing aspect is going to be the biggest hurdle.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 



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One idea...try contacting existing real estate photographers / marketing firms. Not everyone wants to go through the trials and tribulations of buying a drone, training to fly, buying drone-specific liability insurance, getting certified, etc. and would be happy to partner with someone like you. That might be an interesting marketing angle for you.

Also, Facebook marketing is GREAT for targeting. You can target job title = real estate broker and target location = a few zip codes...spending $20 or $30 to see who bites.

I posted a couple of interviews I recently did that you might find helpful:




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