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Michael Karp

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Hey everyone,

My name is Michael Karp, and I'm on the team at UAV Coach. My main role is to help Alan grow the site, make improvements, and better serve the community.

So if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, don't hesitate to send them my way :). (You can reach me at michael@uavcoach.com.)

Have fun with the forum! Can't wait to see this place hustling and bustling.


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Hello there!

My name is Yasemin and I am an entry-level drone pilot! My goal is to help grow the drone industry as big as possible and contribute to the evolution of the drone. 

Check out my video on YouTube: 

More (and better) to come on my channel.



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I'm guessing this  where a bunch of introductions will go rather than making a hundred different topics. 

I'm Em and I am an aspiring Aerospace Engineer (Mechanical Engineering at the U of U), and I'd love to get into building drones and learning better how to fly my own. I'm excited to be involved in this community!

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  My name is Ray and I'm a retired Avionics Technician Chief (U.S. Navy-ret).  I currently work in the avionics field in Jacksonville, FL.  I started flying my UAV last month and I'm getting the hang of flying it!  My short term goals include getting better at flying and honing my videography skills (I am thinking of building my own brushless gimbal assembly).  My long term goal is to start my own videography business.  I am very interested in seeing where the FAA goes as far as licensing for UAV piloting.  Hopefully, they can pass the NPRM that is currently under review.  I am stoked about being a part of this community! 


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