Hello from Abbotsford BC Canada

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Hi everyone, glad to be a part of a community now and hopefully I can get some help/advice

I am in Canada and here we are required to apply for a special flight operations certificate exemption if we want to fly for commercial purposes and one of the requirements is drone training, can anyone recommend a site or a video site that I can learn some basic techniques to satisfy my training requirment?

Thanks everyone 

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Not sure if the attached helps or not, but check out page 18 for the Training Provisions section of this NEW STAFF INSTRUCTION doc. Also including another doc I found in another forum that might be helpful.

Keep us posted!

NEW STAFF INSTRUCTION (SI 623-001) for attachment to guidance.pdf


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Hello @SkkyView, you might want to check out some of these sites It's a list compiled by an insurance provider that provides some discount insurance for members of COPA (Canadian Owners & Pilots Association). But there are others. This was just an example of one resource.

Evaluate them closely in relation to your needs and expectations. There are some that offer the 'minimum' requirements for operating under an SFOC Exemption and others that offer that and a more in depth course that covers the 'minimum' knowledge requirements for obtaining a SFOC. And of course others that offer classroom and hands-on practical training as well.

The more credentials you have, the better you will be received by Transport Canada when your application is reviewed.

If I was just starting out, I would ensure the information provided to Transport Canada was clearly and concisely documented and held an edge over others whom just had the 'minimum' requirements.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

And remember, have fun!

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Thanks Brent,  I'm hoping to be able to get all clearances needed in order to do any kind of aerial work so an SFOC is in my future however I'm going to start with the exemption part first and then focus on my niche and go from there.  I am just starting so any info is helpful I'm hoping to become an integral part of the UAV community. And having fun is what this is all about isn't it? Lol 

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