Hello from Indiana.

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Sup guys, my name is Patrick, I'm currently a high-school student in the state of Indiana. I found this forum from talking to a good friend of mine who plays airsoft-- he lurked on here for a month or so and eventually bought a Phantom 3 to use to record skirmishes and such for his airsoft team.


UAV's interest me greatly, even before my friend showed me that there are active and present forums online that discuss the construction and application of drones, which I never knew existed or were as popular as UAVCOACH. I'd assumed that most websites focused around UAVs would be lackluster in available content or active discussions, but this site has shown that I was deeply mistaken. I spend a lot of time online, and from the few hours I've spent reading so far on the forums and in addition to previous research into UAV engineering and piloting, it is something that really interests me that I hope to take up very soon.


I've got contacts and family members who are real estate agents that I've been able to reach out to for insight, and hope to soon, after I apply for and hopefully receive my FAA license and take a few months to really drill down both basic and advanced maneuvers used in piloting, I hope to potentially start a small photography service and sometime into the future maybe expand into drone sports or drone training-- maybe even law enforcement or military application careers.


When I get interested in something, I tend to spend a lot of time at it, so I should be seeing you all around the forums a good bit!



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