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After reviewing the list of best budget/starter drones from this site I have, for my first UAV, decided on the Traxxas La Trax Aiias.  The main reason being that I suspect it might need to take a few wipouts, dings, bangs edirectytc whilst I find the skills to pilot it effectively and safely. 

Whilst the immediacy of the out of the box excitement and fly of a drone will be met, I also want to start building and coding my own drones so that I truly get to grips with what it takes to get a UAV into the sky, keep it there and control it.  To that end I would like to ask if there is any recommended books on coding, related software, GPS etc specifically linked to drones/UAVs?

I know it's a bit green, so myapologies but I wasn't sure how to word it!

Any advice appreciated and thanks for your time


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Yeah, very helpful but I live in France and I am struggling with some of the terminology on the French sites

Have been looking on ebay and am considering buying this kit

Do you think this would be a good choice for a first build?

Obviously need a radio system such as?

And a Lipo battery. I was thinking it was probaly worth spending a bit more on a 4S such as

Any comments and/or suggestions such as other gear I will need?


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1 hour ago, LosMasos said:

I would be grateful for any comments/advice about this RTF

Hover Drone, Potensic® 5.8GHz FPV Monitor 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera, 3D Flips Function

I'll repeat what I wrote earlier: 

If you want a ready-to-fly system, I'd personally stick with more well-known brands like UDI, Cheerson, Blade, Sky Viper, Hubsan, etc


I've never heard of this manufacturer or retailer. Not to say it isn't a good choice, and I don't know all the companies out there, but only 13 reviews and not much of a track record.

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