DJI: D-Log Vs Normal Mode?

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Some blogs and videos suggest shooting in DJI's "d-log" video mode. The rational is that it's easier to work with in post production. Any comments/thoughts/suggestions here? What are your favorite settings to use?

(Let's say it's a "golden hour" shot if you need a specific scenario).

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While it is true that working in d-log should give you more latitude for color and exposure edits in post, Alan is right. I find DJI's implementation of d-log to be very bad, at least for the X5/X5R. It might be a different case on something like a Phantom 4. I don't have one to try it out though...

Would love to see DJI fix it for X5/X5R series but considering they haven't done it yet and now the Inspire 2 is out, I think I'm out of luck :(

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