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Hey @Beacon Sky Survey. Local laws and ordinances are tough. The industry is new and things are changing a lot at the local level. Given that, I don't suspect one single method will help you figure it out. I recommend networking with other pilots in the area wherever you can, and spending a lot of time researching the airspace ahead of the shoot. In the meantime, I recommend sticking to the Part 107 regulations and flying safely and consciously to the best of oyur ability.

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And if I can add to @Alan Perlman's great reply, there is a very serious lack of understanding at the local level in many, if not most areas.  I recently spoke with our County Chief of Police and he is firmly convinced that the County can control the airspace - just not true.  But his words to me were, "If we write you a tcket, the FAA is not going to defend you".  My county actually has an ordinance that states that I can't fly over public county property, such as a park.  Just not the case.  They can say (and they do) that I can't take off or land in that same area, but only the FAA can control portions of the NAS.  Obviously, FAR's prevent all of us from flying over people, but not county property.  I live in Georgia and all State parks (except one) prohibit drone activity but again, The State of Georgia does not control the airspace OVER their parks.  Frankly, my biggest concern is that no one seems to take any of the regulations seriously.  Down here, it seems that commercial or hobbyist, it's the attitude of "catch me if you can".  Correct enforcement is non existent.  

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