How to avoid Birds of Prey

Xander Bickers

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just wondered if anyone has experiences with Eagles and Vultures with Drones? 

Not always, but we do have Golden Eagles and Vultures that orbit our location in the mountains, or sometimes appear just sitting on the thermals, but I don't want to fly and disturb them.

Are these species likely to attack high altitude drones both in close proximity and if they can see the Drones from afar? As we know there eyesight is sniper like. Ideally I don't want to get into a dogfight with a massive bird of prey to try and save my Drone!

Any thoughts or shared experiences much appreciated.



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Ha! There is a bald eagle nest in an area I fly. Also several red tail hawks, and likely other hawks too. I'm no expert though. I wanted to fly above the nest and get a straight down shot, but after having seen what birds of prey do to drones on YouTube, I thought better of it and now steer clear.

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As a Park Ranger, I have had a lot of experience working with birds of prey.  They are territorial birds for shure, but not as vicious as you would think. The larger birds like bald eagles are most likely the only ones you would have to worry about.  I see large red tailed hawks get chased and hassled by blue jays and crows all the time and they don't really ever fight back. I've not heard of a vulture attacking a drone. Their eyesight is not as keen as the hawk family of birds and I don't see them attacking something in the air.

All of that goes to say though that animals like birds of prey and cultures are just that... animals. They don't always do what you think they will. If you notice one in the area just be highly alert. If you see it take an interest in your drone, fly away from it so it doesn't see you as a threat.  

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