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I've been droning on and on for about a year now. Currently flying the Phantom 4, patiently waiting for the P5 :) In my free time I've been building a drone pilots directory. When I looked online I didn't find much that would serve as an asset, so I started building something I hope the working pilots community can actually get some  value out of. It is just ready for the general drone pilot public to test out adding listings.

Sheesh, my eyes are blurry from looking at code all day. Looking forward to flying tomorrow. Anybody near Fort Collins? I don't think the show will hold. I was hoping to fly a couple Litchi routes, only have snow below for comparison. I saw a great technique where the video transitions from one season to the next over the exact same footage. I've also seen it transition day to night; pretty cool.

Here are a few Instagram shots: I've got to get up in the air and get some new stuff so I can add more.


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