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I have on several occasions tried to search the database in an attempt to determine how many Remote Pilot Certificate holders exist I'm my particular area.  I can find all single engine land and up but no remote pilots.  So this morning I called FAA in Oklahoma City (actually got a live body quickly) to check on this.  I was told that FAA just has not gotten to the point on including that data into the registry. No immediate plans to do so apparently.

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Interestingly enough, it was relatively easy for web programmers to write a Python script or to use some other method for "scraping" the 333 exemption data. If you're like me and went through the 333 exemption process, you may have received some direct mail or certainly some emails saying something to the extent of, "Greetings 333 exemption holder!" I personally know a few companies that used this info for marketing / sale purposes.

But you're right, @Ed O'Grady, at the moment there's no way to see all the Part 107 holders. Wondering if the FAA will change that at some point.

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