Mapping and 3D Modeling 101- Additional Costs

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I currently work in the environmental department of a civil and structural engineering firm in Baltimore, Maryland and have largely taken it upon myself to try and convince management staff that UAS technology could be beneficial within our industry.  They’ve yet to fully turn the corner in terms of their support of my interest, so I’ve been on my own with regards to expenses related to your course, the exam, equipment, etc.  Based on what I’ve read in the advertisement for the Mapping and 3D Modeling 101 course, it seems the mapping and modeling techniques provided could potentially be useful in our field and might further supplement my pitch for the use of UAS technology.  However, I’m trying to get a sense of what costs would be associated with the necessary hardware and software required to perform the techniques provided in the course.  If there’s a huge cost for the hardware or software to, say, create contour files from UAS-gathered data, then I might not be ready since this whole endeavor is essentially being paid for out of my own pocket.  Basically, I’m curious what additional costs are associated with that Mapping and 3D Modeling 101 course in order to do everything taught in the course.

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Hey @xGk04x, great question.

@Lewis@IcarusAerials is our Mapping & Modeling 101 instructor and can hopefully offer some insight here.

I know we had emailed about this as well, but for anyone else reading this thread, I'll offer this link to DroneDeploy's support page as a simple response:

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@xGk04x You can sign up for a basic version of Drone Deploy for $100/month, or process maps as needed at Maps Made Easy and buy points. You could show them what is possible with a $600 Phantom 3 Advanced and a couple hundred bucks of processing. Skycatch has a $49 package, but at this point your money is better spent with Drone Deploy. 

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