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My name is Alyssa Brinkoetter and I created this specific video for one of my clients.  This is a property she listed last week in our area.

I choose to do this video in a way that would please her clients.  Our company is very new to having these drone videos and when my father (Tom Brinkoetter) asked if this might be something I would like to learn, lets just say I was very excited to take this class.  What was also very interesting was while editing these clip with the Color Correction tool I found it was alot like Photoshop.  I have been editing photos and drawing Interactive Floor Plans since I was 15.  Since I had been using Photoshop for so long I decided to edit this video in Premiere Pro. The ending Title to this video is the agent that listed the property and a logo of our Real Estate Company.  I hope everyone likes it and would love to hear any kind of feed back.

Thank You,


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Only seeing this now since Alan moved it to the Cinematography thread. I have a few comments I thought of while watching your video.

General Comments

  • The color correction seems fine for the purposes of this video. Nice work!
  • The piece feels a little bit long to me for the size of the property and the amount and length of the shots you have. I would try and work on shortening it maybe almost by half the amount of time and eliminate redundant shots.
  • One of the very long shots that I think is unnecessary is the full orbit around the house, starting at 00:00:36:00. I think it is a nicely done shot and it shows off the house, but is way too long and redundant. Maybe trying shortening that clip to just one section of the orbit (maybe showing the front of the house) and that will also help with shortening the whole video.
  • Nice job with the title slide at the end to show all of the agent's information!

Clip Specific Comments

  • 00:00:00:00 - The opening shot... I get what you are trying to do but I think it would work a lot better with a more cinematic feel to the opening of the video. The shot starts off okay but then at 00:00:09:00 you stop, turn, stop, turn a little more, then fly towards the house while turning to adjust again. It is clear that these turns are adjustments to correct the angle of the camera and flight path are not purposefully there for some sort of cinematic gain. If you rework the opening to not show adjustments like that I think the piece automatically becomes stronger. Things like that never have a place in any video. Think smooth and steady. No large or fast changes in heading or other movement direction should be made.
  • 00:00:28:00 - I see the props come into the frame for a second or two here. Try to avoid flying in a way that does that in the first place, I know it is hard though especially with aircraft like a Phantom, but if you do capture that, don't use the shot at all, crop it out of the frame if the resulting cropped frame would still look okay for the piece, or cut the clip before the props come in and transition to another good clip. I think I saw props enter the frame in one or two other places in the video too so just go back and look very carefully for that happening.

Overall, nice rough cut! Looking forward to seeing another cut of this piece. Let me know if you have any questions about the above.



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