Phantom 4 rotor bearing problem?


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I have had my P4 for some time now and try to stay aware of how it's holding up. Wouldn't want an unnecessary crash.

One of my rotors isn't spinning as effortlessly as the others when I hand spin them. This is especially true after I fly. It's like I can really feel each magnet as I spin it. This seems normal-ish with my other drones (S900, Runner 250, M100) but not the P4.

Maybe it's a bearing issue? Could a magnet be loose? If it seems serious then I will probably replace the rotor but it flies fine.

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I had a very slight crash on my p3s. I have a similar issue and I have worked with brushless motors for years. tho I cannot see or feel your issue I would suggest to you to take it to a couple hobby shops near you to make sure it is good. Just as a precautionary. about two years ago I built a Traxxas Rustler to hit speeds over 100 mph but at 97.1mph I had a blow over. I had no visible issues with my motor other than road rash. but however it did go up in smoke (motor). That being said its always better to be safe than sorry my system cost me 500$ snd motor was 150$. Be safe take it to a hobby store or somewhere/someone who knows about brushless motors.


hope this helps you out

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