Hello from Sterling, Virginia

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Hello folks,

I live in probably the most restrictive airspace on the plant and I am really not that happy about it.  I live about 27 miles west of Washington D.C. and they just made my house and neighborhood into restricted airspace!  Thank the Lord I applied for and am just about to receive my 333 Exemption.  Without that I would be SOL.   

I have been building UAVs for the better part of a decade.  My first copter was built in 2007 and it was a certified piece of shit!  I have built about 30 from those days and I have learned an enormous amount about building, flying, and operating drones.  I am a retired Computer Engineer and I am very grateful that my education is useful in this hobby of mine.  I hope to make friends with lots of you and hopefully you all can teach me things so I can learn the easy way, not the expensive way!  If there is anything I can do to help you out please feel free to ask!


My very best 



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10 hours ago, Ang Mack said:

How hard / expensive was it to get the 333 exemption? Do you have or have to have a PPL - there are so many conflicting sites right now!

Hi Ang, our team does them for $1500 - more information here:

Happy to answer any questions you have about the process.

Many choose to file themselves or to go with a lower cost provider, but our paperwork is ROCK SOLID, and we've worked with 500+ companies with a 100% success rate of getting petitions approved.

Don't want to turn this thread into a sales discussion, so I'll stop there :)

Also...welcome to @mguilbau! Sorry about your geography, but congrats on almost getting the 333 exemption.

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If it makes you feel any better, I am just under 1.5nm inside the 30nm ring around DC. I am happy though that they changed the restricted airspace back to the original 15nm specified in the NOTAM. Of course, the weather hasn't helped with the outdoor flying, but one day I will get back out.

What amazes is me is that I see a guy flying an RC plane out by Loudoun One about once a week and no one bothers him. Since it is just over 5nm from the end of the runways at Dulles, I wonder what would happen if I took one of my drones out there.


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