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Has anyone seen any good documentation on the use of the two items on the lower part of the DJI Go App Screen, i.e., the map and the radar? I've found very basic info and some of the available YouTubes touch it, but I keep thinking there might be better info there than meets the eye.  Among other data, I'd like to know exactly which way the camera / bird is facing.  And I'm sure there's more.  Anxious for some feedback.

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So initially, the arrow points north - assuming you've put the bird down that way?  And then as you've said the, pointer indicates any change in the camera position.  That is helpful; thanks.

Do you know how to interpret the data in the circle on the left side of the app?  Again, you can read a little about it in the doc DJI provides, but I'm not really able to use it


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