Hubsan 4X H170 HELP!!!!

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My girlfriend's got one of these little boogers for Christmas. We can't figure out how to get it started. We got it to bind with the remote but the trims were WAY OFF. While trying to follow the instructions and reset some of the controls/trims we did something and now it won't bind far enough to get spinning again. I have Googled and have looked at the online pdf manual with no luck :(

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Hey @Foxtrot, thanks for posting here and hopefully we'll be able to help you out, though as you might imagine, diagnosing and supporting an issue like this over a forum can be challenging.

"It won't bind far enough to get spinning again."

Can you better explain that? This Hubsan model, unless it's a complete dud or sustained some kind of big crash, should be really easy to bind. This is what I learned to fly on back in the day.

Maybe try taking a short video of yourself turning the transmitter on, then the aircraft, then binding and trying to take-off?

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We had it binded but the trim seemed off. So I went through the manual and saw that there is a more for when you use the prop guards. The X4 wasn't in that mode, and when we tried to change the mode it would not change and then we could no longer control the drone. Before trying to fix the mode we could throttle it up but it wouldn't take off, it would flip over because the trim was so off.

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