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Gimbal / Camera Control

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Hi All - 

I'm working with a DJI Phantom 4.

I would really like the ability to smoothly change the camera angle from pointing straight down to either perfectly level, i.e., 90 degrees or to the most upward position, 30 degrees - and reverse.  There is certainly a control button on the RC, but I sometimes find it difficult to add this motion to all the other actions I'm working on.  Further, I'd like to be able to use the user-defined buttons on the bottom of the RC to accomplish this. 

Moving the camera in this way can provide some really interesting footage. Christian form the Video Production class refers to these shots as "reveal" shots.  

I'd be grateful for anyone's input. 

Thanks in advance.


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Different software programs allow for this I believe Litchi does.  I don't know if it can be programmed to a button, but I know at a way point you can program the aircraft to do pretty much anything including the camera.  

What really needs to happen I have learned is you need two people.  One to fly one to control the camera.  If that's not possible and your using something like DJI GO App, fly the mission without worrying about the camera and its angles....mark down the waypoints as you're flying then do a second mission with the UAV flying the waypoints and this time control the camera for the shots you want/need.  Not a perfect plan, but its a start.

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Litchi will allow you to pick a "Point of Interest" that you can set. The point can be moved up or down in height and when you create your mission you pick the "POI" you want and it will show you the angle of the camera. You can change this angle by adjusting the height of your bird to change the "POI" height. The phantom will point and focus on the POI as it goes by, much like DJI's function.

But, there is also a feature where you can go from one waypoint to the next and use "Interpolate" and you can set a specific angle for your camera at one point and gradually move to a different angle as it moves to the next waypoint. It will gradually sweep up or down depending on which way you tell it to go. Sounds like this might be what you are looking for? Check out the Litchi app on the web and sign up for free and watch the free video on how to use Litchi. May give you some ideas. (

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